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salmon farming

About Us

Vision3F (Future Fish Food) is a new Belgian Agri-Tech company focused on smart and future proof data acquisition technology for more efficient livestock management.


The technology, developed in close cooperation with farm builders and fish farmers, supports livestock farms with more economic, healthier and sustainable production. Massive data acquisition is the basis of and leads to predictive livestock management.

Proudly Partnering with​​

salmon farming
salmon farming

Our Vision

V-Tag embodies Vision3F's aspiration to enact global change, particularly within the world of land-based fish farming.

Our goal is clear: to eradicate mass mortality within the industry, revolutionize specimen monitoring, and elevate the quality of our protein consumption to unprecedented heights.







salmon farming
salmon farming

Our Story

In order to truly understand the narrative of Vision3F, we must journey back in time.

Two decades ago, Agricultural Engineer, Hans Van Soest embarked on a venture in pioneering wastewater management.

Following a decade of triumphs, the harsh blow of an economic crisis rattled the industry, compelling him to abandon his aspiration of environmental improvement.

But Hans has the mindset of a true entrepeneur, never really letting go of his vision. In the summer of 2020, he coincidentally read an article about salmon farming in Scandinavia and the industry's challenges with mass mortality. This sparked an idea that soon evolved into the innovative concept of Vision3F.

In every challenge lies the seed of opportunity. or Hans, this was a new chance to create something meaningful.

The Team

hans van soest

Hans Van Soest


The man behind the V-Tag idea and founder of Vision3F.

Pieter Spelmans

Pieter Spelmans

Partner & CXO

Connecting the dots in daily operations and a successful

Go To Market launch.

Wouter Mertens

Wouter Mertens

Data specialist & AI dev

In house data specialist and

Artificial Intelligence developer.

Gilles Van Soest

Designer & Developer

Hands-on experience for development of equipment and prototype design.

Our Advisory board

Borge Soraas

Borge Soraas​

Norwegian fish farm builder

25 years of experience in high level financial management.

Tore Lying​
Norwegian fish farm builder

40 years of experience with large network in the industry. Probable first V-Tag user and link to other farmers. Cross importance checks and GTM strategy.

Per Brunsvik

Per Brunsvik

Biologist, manager Nofima

Nofima is the most important Norwegian research instiute for fish farming. Per has 30 years of experience in fish farming research. Expert in fish diseases, stress, farming techniques and parameters.

Gudrun de Boeck

Gudrun de Boeck

Biologist, prof. marine animals

Teaches at University of Antwerp, 30 years of experience with fish and other aquatic animals. Expert in fish disease and stress analysis. Link with international research. 

Erik van den Broeck
Erik van den Broeck
Financial Expert

25+ years of corporate finance experience as a CFO and as Partner at BDO Belgium.

Carlien Roothans

Carlien Roothans


Passionate vet at Johnson and Johnson. Acquiring expertise in fish welfare and disease. 

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